Art is usually about self-expression because the artist feels strongly enough about what they are doing to try and put it into a form that they, and others, can come to terms with. This product of their self-expression can help others because there will always be people who feel the same way but they cannot express it themselves. These people will identify with the artist and draw encouragement, purpose, and excitement about the thing expressed. Shahla, an accomplished portrait artist, is Iranian born and currently residing in United Arab Emirates (UAE). She is also a freelance artist, with a strong love for colour and creativity, working in transparent layers, as well as thick heavy impasto.  She is famous for creating soulful portraits, which seem to come alive once her brush has touched canvas. Her versatility of style is manifest in both watercolour and acrylic. Her works can be found in the homes of many art lovers in the city and abroad. To know about her, click here

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