The Artist

shahlaBorn in Iran, brought up in India and currently living in the United Arab Emirates with my family, gives me entry into the Global Citizenship arena.  I completed my Bachelors (Chandigarh) and Masters (Banaras) degrees in Fine arts in India. I enjoyed working as an art teacher in various cities of India and the UAE, and have recently devoted my time to creating works of art.

I have exhibited work in several galleries around India, and have sold works around the globe.

My Inspirations

Inspiration comes to me in many ways, but above all, it is the Faith I believe in that is a driving force, giving me inspiration, influence and incentive to work artistically to create something that can inspire and influence others, in a positive, useful way. It inspires me to focus on the spiritual aspect of being human and the historical figures of the Baha’i Faith were heroes that fascinate me and drive me to portray them in works of art.

Nature and its beauty never cease to fascinate me, and it is a constant source of inspiration. I developed the love of nature in India, where, the diversity of plant and animal life and their colors are plentiful. Living in an environment like the United Arab Emirates has increased my love of nature many fold, since there is not nearly as much greenery here.  I always have a camera with me, and take pictures of nature for future records.

Gustav Klimt’s colors and symbolic style have been a source of inspiration since my college days.