Each one of us humans has been endowed with precious capabilities which we need to discover and use as a means of service to others and ourselves. I always felt the pangs of guilt for not devoting more time to painting, and it is this that has driven me to put aside my teaching job and focus more intensively on painting.

Color has meaning for me; the bright ones are full of life, giving positive energy whereas the dull pale colors convey negative destructive forces. Most of the work I do is generally bright and intense, because I feel so much focus is placed on the sorrow and pain in the world that there is no need for me to add to it. I would rather prefer my viewers to take away something positive and uplifting from my work.

There are so many concepts that are best conveyed through abstract such as ‘Melody of the Soul’, ‘The Gems of the Heart’, ‘Dual Nature’, ‘Anxious’– when I do an abstract with such themes in mind, I also create an opening for my viewers to relate to the works in any way they like.